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If Ali Baba were alive today, it is doubtful he'd try saying "open sesame" to get his garage door to work. Chances are, he'd turn to the help of a genie - but not the one you might be thinking of. Magic is an unlikely solution to a closed garage door, something that Genie Company definitely understands.

Genie is the manufacturer of fine garage door equipment that will ensure smooth sailing for this part of the house. This is why AAAWave chooses to carry the brand on our website. AAAWave wants to make sure our customers have access to the finest products at the lowest price, and we see Genie as a trusted partner when it comes to that goal.

Open sesame!
Very rarely do people need just one way to wirelessly open their garage doors. Sometimes, a key fob might be necessary for kids coming home from school. Another scenario involves having a readily available remote hooked to a driver seat visor for instant access in the car. Additionally, there is generally a need to have a keypad affixed to the side of the garage’s entrance, allowing for consistent opening and closing when fobs or remotes are misplaced.

These are the kinds of products that Genie specializes in. Not only that, but they are a trustworthy provider of replacement lenses, switches and other parts that can occasionally break or require replacement.

AAAWave closes the door on competition

There are a lot of websites out there that claim to be the best, but none of them are AAAWave. We care not only about supplying customers with the best selection at the lowest prices, but also doing so in a way that benefits the consumer experience. AAAWave takes pride in carrying products from companies like Genie and making sure that customers are satisfied with them.

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