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Automation is a key component of modern life. Generally, tasks that get technological assistance are physically difficult to undertake without it. No one wants to open and close large gates or garage doors manually. This is why we have things like remote openers that allow us to perform these tasks easily and even from a distance. But just having a remote or keypad sometimes isn't enough. Technology has enabled a tighter level of security to occur when it comes to automated entry of any kind, and Linear is one of the most trusted names on this front.

At AAAWave, we understand that things have to work as advertised. This is why we are proud to carry Linear products in our online store. Garages and front gates often demand a certain level of protection and convenience, and there is no other company like Linear in that regard. AAAWave and Linear are a perfect pair, and our satisfied customers are proof positive of that claim.

From basic to extensive
Depending on the residence or office in question, keyless and automated entry are going to be approached from different standpoints. If we're talking about a garage connected to the average house in the suburbs, then a few remote key fobs and codepads will probably be the only things needed to keep everything accessible and secure. For properties that have multiple residents or a home set very far back on the lot, many additional provisions may need to be made. Intercoms that are integrated with keyless entry and automatic gate control are almost always a requirement in these scenarios. Thankfully, Linear is the provider of quality offerings that fit this bill.

Another necessity may be proximity tags. For offices that see a lot of foot traffic from employees and other personnel, proximity tags can be an easy way to make sure access stays restricted to those who need it.

AAAWave provides only the best

At AAAWave, we care deeply about our customers. We provide the best items at the lowest prices, and we see Linear as a powerful ally in meeting that goal. Their offerings make it possible for people to do more, and AAAWave wants to foster both personal and professional success. Security and functionality are of the utmost importance when handing any situation that requires keyless and automated entry, and those that want to do things the right way should look no further than Linear and AAAWave.

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