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A staple of modern technology is convenience - "hands-free" is a popular term these days, and any program or device that is worth its salt is both flexible and agile. One of the companies that understands this best is Nuance. Like its name implies, Nuance is aware of the little ways in which life can be made a little bit simpler, and as a result have developed a series of products designed to do just that.

This is why AAAWave elects to carry Nuance products on our website. We recognize that they are serious about the little things - just like we are. AAAWave takes pride in being able to offer the lowest prices and the best customer service of any online retailer, and that includes Nuance offerings and their incredible capabilities.

Dragon dictation software
Multitasking is a common occurrence these days. But even when only one task needs to be accomplished, it has to be done well and with great agility. For those people that have to send off emails or who speak faster than they can type, Dragon dictation software from Nuance can come in handy.

Voice-to-text software used to be a novelty item. But as mobile technology has made voice commands more prominent in use, software like Dragon has been proven to be of great value for both personal and professional use. Dictating a message no longer requires two people to accomplish, making users of Dragon more self-sufficient.

Document conversion and management
The path of a message or document does not stop after it has been written, however. Many times, files have to be converted so that other programs can understand and display them. Word documents, for example, might need to be made into PDFs. But Nuance has this all covered too. With software like OmniPage and PaperPort, users can make sure that files are not limited by their extensions.

AAAWave cares about the customer

There are plenty of other retailers that operate online, but none of them are like AAAWave. Because we care more about you than do our competitors, AAAWave is able to provide a level of customer service that one won't find anywhere else on the Web. When paired with our incredibly low prices and high-quality products like those offered by Nuance, AAAWave is hands-down the best choice for online shopping. Check out everything we have available today!

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