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There are plenty of people out there who are happy buying a pre-assembled computer. The task of building one of these machines can be an incredible undertaking that not everyone has the time to pursue properly - or may not need to at all. But for those tech heads out there - the ones that chase the thrill of the build - there is an ally in iStarUSA.

iStarUSA has made a name for themselves by delivering the finest computer parts out there. Whether creating a whole new system from scratch or making minor adjustments or replacements, iStarUSA has the right products to help get people where they need to go.

Another trusted resource for computer parts is AAAWave. We carry only the finest items available, which is why we have plenty of iStarUSA offerings in-stock on our website. For the lowest prices, highest quality and best customer service, iStarUSA and AAAWave have you covered.

...and the kitchen sink
From drive cages to bays to the assorted brackets involved with building a computer, iStarUSA has it all. Regardless of size or specifics, the incredible depth of iStar offerings makes it one of the best manufacturers out there. Almost every conceivable need - right down to the keyboard drawer - is on iStarUSA's radar, and providing the highest quality and the greatest variety makes them a perfect partner for AAAWave.

AAAWave brings it full circle
We here at AAAWave do not believe that customer relationships stop at the sale. In fact, we think that's only the beginning. Should you not be satisfied with your experience at AAAWave, we want to do everything in our power to fix the situation. For example, if an item you purchased from us goes down in price within 30 days of the transaction, our buySAFE protection allows us to cover the difference for you.

We believe our customers deserve the best out there, from parts to service. This is why AAAWave and iStarUSA make such a perfect pair.

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