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In the world of technology, there have been few names like Microsoft. Founded in 1975, Microsoft has been one of the biggest and best companies behind the personal computing experience. The company successfully helped to popularize the use of PCs with its Windows operating systems, which continue to be popular with a wide variety of users. Microsoft has made a habit out of developing quality products that are geared toward helping people in need - just like AAAWave. AAAWave is home to a wide range of Microsoft programs and OSs that can assist in meeting both personal and professional needs.


It is important to have a quality operating system installed on your computer. This is something that both Microsoft and AAAWave understand, which is why we carry several incarnations of Windows in our inventory. Starting with Windows 7, AAAWave carries many of the choices that Microsoft fans continue to use in their daily lives - all of them still being supported with regular updates from Microsoft itself. Whether the older feel of Windows 7 or the "touch-friendly" approach taken by Windows 8 is what you're after, AAAWave has what you need.

Microsoft Office

Chances are that if you have used a computer to type something up, you have more than a little experience with Microsoft Word. Along with other software like Excel and Outlook, Word has become an iconic tool of students, professionals and everyone else in between. Even Mac users crave the power of these programs, which is why Microsoft has made them available for those outside the world of Windows.

Together, these assets are all known as Microsoft Office. Office represents a significant level of functionality that the modern user needs, regardless of what hardware they are actually running it on. AAAWave recognizes just how critical this software is to millions - if not billions - of people, and as such we take pride in offering stand-alone programs and the full Office suite for both PC and Mac users.

AAAWave may not be as big as some of the other online retailers out there, but we believe that is what sets us apart. We are proud to have the kind of customer services that other companies can only claim to possess. We want to take care of you when problems arise and make sure your experiences with us are on-par with your high expectations. If you need Microsoft programs or operating systems and want to ensure that you'll be supported personally in your purchase, look no further than AAAWave.

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