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There are varying methods of cybersecurity currently in use today. Commonly, people will opt for passwords and usernames that they create in order to protect their digital valuables. But, there are plenty of other ways that computer users can defend themselves, and many of them are explored by Lacie.

Lacie has some of the most innovative protection and back-up resources out there. Through inventive USB designs and rugged drives, Lacie makes security and recovery their mission. We at AAAWave find that to be an admirable pursuit, which is why we carry Lacie offerings in our store. With quality items like these backed by low prices and great customer service, AAAWave and Lacie are a perfect team.

Lock and key
Flash drives are somewhat of a conundrum. Although they are secure in that data can be kept right in a person's pocket away from the Internet, the risk of physical loss is still there. This is why many flash drives from Lacie are equipped with extra encryption measures to keep information well-protected.

The physical construction of Lacie products helps keep things safe, as well. Water and impact-resistant offerings take potential hazards and remove them from the list of concerns. Data has to be defended on all fronts, and that includes accidental loss through direct damage to the drive.

AAAWave helps customers

Just like Lacie helps to keep information protected, AAAWave wants to do the same for customers. Not only are our prices low, but we guarantee you'll pay the lowest price. If something you purchase goes down in cost within 30 days, we'll make sure to refund the difference.. That's the kind of commitment AAAWave has in mind when we say we have some of the best customer service out there. For all of your secure storage needs, look no further than AAAWave and Lacie.

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