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Hardcore gaming is an involved process. There is a major difference between casual console players and those that prefer optimized desktops. PC gaming carries with it a totally different set of requirements - ones that can often only be met through changes to software and hardware. Frequent system updates enable gamers to always have the power to play new titles, and getting the most out of these endeavors is always desired. This is why Gigabyte prides itself on providing gamers with the best in fans, towers, cards and more in their quest to build the ultimate machine.

But Gigabite isn't the only ally that dedicated players have on their side. AAAWave is proud to carry the finest offerings out there at the lowest prices. We believe our customers deserve the best - both in what they get and what they pay. This is why AAAWave and Gigabyte are a perfect pairing.

Building from the ground up
Whether updating an existing machine or creating a new one from scratch, Gigabyte has some of the best gaming supplies around. PC towers have to be optimized for the gaming experience, and with choices like Luxo and Sumo distinctions, there is bound to be a good fit for anyone in the market for new gear.

As essential as the tower is, however, no games are going to run well without the right motherboard in place. Gigabyte motherboards are optimized for the gaming experience, boasting Intel support and impressive performance capabilities. Similar things can be said about Gigabite graphics cards. These self-cooling assets can help any gamer stay on top of their digital goals.

AAAWave knows how to play the game

We love gamers at AAAWave. Even more so, we love gamers who get everything that they need at the right price. That's why we make sure our offerings are easy on the wallet without sacrificing on quality. For the best in gaming equipment and customer service, look no further than AAAWave and Gigabyte.

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